Are you searching for John Connor? Because you’re the silver, shapeshifting Terminator of the Zodiac. You’re scary when you’re determined, and you’ve never met a mood you didn’t like; if other people tried to zip through them like you do, they would strip some gears and blow an O-ring. You often play the chameleon, reflecting others’ ideas and opinions to fit in; you’re a little afraid to reveal that inner freakiness because people might run away and bring back torches. (And if you believe in reincarnation, maybe they did.)

The twins of Gemini are actually more like Second Life avatars, bits of string, shiny stuff and personality traits you swap out when you’re bored. The internet was practically made for Geminis, since you can be everyone and do anything, but please, for the sake of the brain cells, wander away from the shallow end every once in a while. Adventure is always just around the corner from you, ready to pounce, and you love the fact that life is the squeaky one in this particular cat-and-mouse game.

Gemini love matches include Sagittarius, who has that inner Indiana Jones, but with a healthy dose of Indy’s father to keep you grounded; Scorpio, who will buy you a few wigs and costumes to fulfill the fantasy of 1,000 lovers; and Virgo, whose organizational skills and regimented thinking seem so kinky to you. Try to steer clear of Aquarius and Pisces, though; with one, your chameleon side will flicker like a crazed disco ball, and the other won’t be impressed when you morph into a pilot and jump into a helicopter.