You do love the finer things in life, as long as someone else pays for it. And even then, you’re likely to whip out a coupon. Until that lottery ticket pays off, you’ll pinch those pennies until Abe Lincoln sings soprano. Luckily, you’re a whiz at sensual living on a shoestring, and willing to share your secrets: those shoestrings make dynamite thongs. In this economy, washing out all those freezer bags and shopping at thrift stores makes you a superstar.

Forget Rodin, you’re the original thinker, and you love having plenty of time to do it. If left up to your own devices, your life would move at half the speed of a postponed cable installation. In your world, small motions make big waves, and you’re not looking for any perfect storms. When your honey gets frustrated that mountain ranges pop up before you make a decision, take them by the hand and lead them into the bedroom—where all that slow action is really going to pay off. Face it, in some areas of life, there’s no room for Speedy Gonzales.

Good love matches include Aries, who will learn some patience whether they want to or not; Scorpio, who adores your approach to sweet, sweet love; and Cancer, who shares your desire to settle down and make a home. Not many people see a crab and a bull nesting, but the stars are stranger than even Mother Nature can imagine!