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Wisecrack Zodiac is more than a web site, it’s also a newspaper column printed weekly on actual paper.  This weekend, Wisecrack Zodiac won second place in the 2013 National Society of Newspaper Columnists writing competition! The category is in the Humor:Newspapers With Circulation under 50,000, and I don’t know which excites me more: the win itself, or that the judge called WZ’s humor “rude, crude and socially on the edge.”

Thank you to the NSNC, the judges and of course, you lovely readers! You’re the real reason I do this every week.

One week from today marks the release of the new Zombie Tarot deck by author  Stacey Graham and artist Paul Kepple from Quirk Books, and we’re celebrating with a contest! You can win your own Zombie Tarot deck! Use it to freak out Muggles with a fortune-telling booth at the local P.T.O. fundraising fair or just enjoy doing your own readings with the coolest deck on the block.

It’s easy to enter: just share a zombie apocalypse survival tip in the comments below. Each tip is one entry, although if your tip is truly original and funny, you’ll get a bonus entry. You can also score additional entries by tweeting about the contest and mentioning that tweet below.

The deadline for entries is midnight PST, Tuesday, June 5. U.S. residents only, since I’m shipping this bad boy out myself. A winner will be selected at random from all entries, so the more you have, the better your chances! The winner will receive an unopened Zombie Tarot deck, so hardcore tarot fans don’t have to worry about receiving a previously reviewed or handled deck.

Ready to win? Bring on those zombie survival tips!

Angie Mansfield, for her entry packed with enough bad jokes to make even a zombie wipe his eyes. Congratulations, Angie! I’ll contact you privately to get your info to our gracious sponsor, Stacey Graham of Zombie Dating Guide fame.

Our judge also passed along an Honorable Mention to Bill Mullis, for his romantic hole-in-the-head horoscope! Yay Bill! Enjoy the warm fuzzies of the undead.

Thanks to all the talented, funny folks who entered the Zombie Horoscope Contest, you’re all winners in my book! Yes, really. Whenever WZ makes it to the page, each and every one of you will have your own secret horoscope listed.

And thanks again to Stacey and the Zombie Dating Guide for making this contest possible!

You’ve seen how we roll on Wisecrack Zodiac: snarky, fun and brief. Now, thanks to author Stacey Graham and the Zombie Dating Guide, you have a chance to strut your own bad forecasting stuff! One lucky winner will receive a copy of  “Hungry For Your Love,” the new zombie romance anthology!

And now for the official throwdown:

1. This contest is sponsored and judged by Stacey Graham. Her word on the winner is final!

2. The horoscope can be general or for a specific sign, but it must be funny and about zombies. Make it brief, 50 words or less.

3. Horoscope entries should be left as comments on THIS POST ONLY. If you leave an entry on a different post, it won’t count.

4. Contestants have until midnight Central time, Friday, September 24, to post their entries. Multiple entries are allowed, but each must be in a separate comment.

5. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 27. One winner will receive their choice of either the print or the e-book version of “Hungry For Your Love,” the zombie romance anthology edited by Lori Perkins and published by St. Martin’s Griffin.

That’s it! Good luck and start slinging those ‘scopes!

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