Aries: Don’t fret about your last hurrah. You still have a whole box of “Woo Hoo!” to use up, plus a truckload of “Oh crap.” Work through those first.

Taurus: Things may seem tough now, but be assured; if you don’t work through this they can definitely get tougher. Even one baby step at a time is considered progress.

Gemini: You know the score, mainly because you’re the one who rigged the game. Sometimes corking your own bat doesn’t work, but this time your strategy nails you a home run. No matter how fast you run the bases, your guilty conscience will be waiting for you at home plate.

Cancer: Lucky breaks are usually hard to come by, but you stumble into a nest of them this week. A few may even follow you home, so set out some snacks. They could fatten into ripe opportunities.

Leo: Easy Street is just marketing; there are still potholes, but they’re advertised as built-in pools. Every road has its hazards, but you’re about to get a much smoother drive.

Virgo: There’s nothing more beautiful than a well thought out plan, but a half-baked bad one is way more fun to watch. Get your popcorn, because someone in your family is about to put on a show. Also, keep some Band-Aids and bail money on hand, just in case.

Libra: Everyone warns you about flying too close to the sun, but no one worries about you digging to the center of the earth. Before you start throwing dirt around, make sure you have a plan in place to deal with radioactive mole men.

Scorpio: You have a grand idea, but someone will try to bust it down to just a wild hunch. Ignore them or you’ll soon shelve it with all the other unrealized inklings and never achieve anything at all.

Sagittarius: In every life some rain must fall, but you’ve been holding on like Jack from “Titanic.” You don’t have to sink, just whip out your phone and order up a jet ski from Amazon. Rescue yourself and you’ll leave that wreck far behind.

Capricorn: You’re the cream in someone’s coffee, the jam on their bread. This means you’re very sweet, and people can only handle you in small doses. Give them some space and add a little tartness to your repertoire; it will make you even more tempting.

Aquarius: Your confidence is hidden like a needle in a haystack. Get some big magnets and drag it out.  You shouldn’t be sewing atop hay bales anyway, unless you’re into extreme embroidery.

Pisces: The answers are blowing in the wind, and a few will hit you in the face like airborne plastic grocery bags. Just be grateful they’re filled with good things instead of used tissues or cat poop.