Aries: Some blessings come in disguise, but you can’t get past that trench coat and big fuzzy wig. Roll with the weirdness, and karma will make it worth your time in spite of the fake mustache.

Taurus: You aren’t hiding your light under a bushel, but you do have it socked away in your blanket fort. Tear down those poly-cotton blend walls and shine; your sweetie wants the comforter back on the bed anyway.

Gemini: You didn’t ask to be this awesome, you just woke up one day and it happened. Remember, if you’re kind to everyone on your way up the ladder, they won’t set fire to your pants leg on the way back down.

Cancer: Some jump from the frying pan into the fire, but you bounced off the stove, hit the kitchen counter and landed in a dish of brownies. This week, you have all the tasty, chocolate luck.

Leo: This situation isn’t three-dimensional chess, it’s more like Chutes and Ladders. Stop over-thinking it. Once you finally have a Clue, you’ll win the game.

Virgo: Watch your tongue on Friday. Fat-bottomed girls may not actually make the world go round, but they can knock you out of orbit if you make remarks about their personal gravity.

Libra: Even if you’re the cream of the crop, you’re still giving canned answers. Think up something fresh for your next big meeting or you’ll be tossed into the casserole with the rest of the creamed corn.

 Scorpio: Feel that tingle in the air? Something magical is in the air or you’ve just been struck by lightning. With either one, you’re probably going to be on TV. You might want to fix your smoldering hair.

Sagittarius: Your personal mojo is strong on Tuesday. Go ahead, wear that daring new outfit. If anyone can pull off polka dots, feathers and suede, it’s you. Expect gasps, double-takes, and a few puzzled looks.

Capricorn: The rest of the world is dancing to the beat, yet you have the “Full House” theme song stuck on your personal jukebox. Time to update your tunes, before you go completely bonkers.

Aquarius: You can attract more flies with honey, but that just sounds like a sticky, buzzing mess. Grab your net and go after bigger game, like that uniform-wearing hottie who’s asking you why you’re running and squealing through the butterfly habitat.

Pisces: Life doesn’t give you lemons, you have to earn them. Be prepared to jump like Mario to score that fruit; soon you’ll level up and create a lemon drop cocktail even Princess Peach can appreciate.