Aries: You’re flying high, but someone wants to cut you loose. Learn to focus on where you’re going and where you’ve been, otherwise your kite will end up in a tree, no strings attached.

Taurus: You’ve gotta crawl before you walk, and walk before you run, but there’s no prerequisite for just rolling around in mud and self-pity, so your week is wide open.

Gemini: If you’re convinced you can leap over buildings in a single bound, you need new shoes or new meds. Treat yo’self on Friday and get both. The sidewalks will be much safer afterward.

Cancer: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That horse has much better taste. Fix him an appletini and you’ll have your promotion in the bag. Along with some sugar cubes.

Leo: You’re the little engine that could, but even you need some time off the tracks now and then. Find a nice tunnel and play around with some new maneuvers after dark.

Virgo: Not only can you handle the truth, you can bop it, sock it, juggle it and twist it into balloon animals. Tell everyone to step back on Thursday, so your awesome doesn’t splash on their shoes.

Libra: Everyone needs a little love, but you’re digging in some weird places to get it. Put down the shovel, send the canaries home and head out with friends. Cupid loves to target herds on the move.

Scorpio: You can try to explain yourself, but unless you provide maps, diagrams and a Klingon-to-Esperanto dictionary, it won’t work. Just keep doing your thing; people around you will either get it or they’ll call the cops. Either way, you’ll have an audience.

Sagittarius: The best things in life may be free, but the things you want to rub people’s noses in require cold, hard cash. Time to start up your one-person polka band/poetry reading business again.

Capricorn: Think about what you really want this week. Visualize it, hold it in your mind. Got it? Great, now forget that. You’re getting something completely different. Hope you like sticky kids, discount Santas and flirting with the stockboy at Target.

Aquarius: Don’t be flattered if someone says you’re the wind beneath their wings. They called you a bird fart, which means if they stink, they’ll blame you. Drop ‘em on their feathered butts and find a new gig that doesn’t require you holding your breath after lunch.

Pisces: The best is yet to come, but it won’t get here any faster if you tap your toe and stare at the horizon. Relax, have a beer. You’re on Karma’s time and she loves a parade.