Aries: Forget the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; you’ll find a fast food coupon at the end of the parking lot, which is much better. Leprechauns don’t exist, but pumpkin lattes do.

Taurus: Stop the soul-searching; you could slide that sucker under a two-photon microscope and still not find out anything new. Just try to be nice to people so they don’t spit in your food or let the elevator doors close on you. That’s enough.

Gemini: If you wait for the right time and place, you’ll miss some gloriously fun mistakes. Throw caution to the wind, and remember to duck if it changes direction. You don’t want to be cold-cocked by an updraft.

Cancer: Sure, you’re poetry in motion, but it’s more like a bad limerick cruising on a sputtering moped. That look can still work for you, as long as you wear oversized sunglasses and do a few pratfalls.

Leo: Every day is a fresh block of clay, so quit rolling it up and making turds out of it. You don’t have to aim for the Venus de Milo, but you’re capable of a second-grade art project dinosaur at the very least.

Virgo: Some bring charisma, others bring sparkle, but everyone knows what you bring to the party: chips. Make them the cheddar cheese flavor instead of plain, unless you plan to broaden your social skills by bringing dip too.

Libra: Success is defined by the lives you touch, although everyone wishes you’d wash your hands occasionally. You don’t have to leave such sticky fingerprints when you share, so keep some wet wipes handy for karmic purposes.

Scorpio: Thursday will hand you a challenge, but don’t wait to answer it until you’ve dramatically paused for a commercial break. This isn’t a reality show and opportunity doesn’t care about station identification.

Sagittarius: Someone’s dropping hints on you at home, but you refuse to take off that silly helmet. Don’t worry, a few notions won’t mess up your hair but if you keep ignoring your sweetie, a cast iron pan might.

Capricorn: Wednesday is a good day for harvesting your crops, giving to the needy or binge-watching “The Walking Dead” until you’re hiding under the bed and peeing on yourself; just depends on which one applies most to your life.

Aquarius: Say the magic word on Friday and a wealth of treasures will be yours. If the magic word is your safeword, it will also keep someone from gluing a salad spinner to your butt, which is something to be thankful for on its own.

Pisces: Quit living under a rock; that’s only suitable for pink starfish wearing boxer shorts. Step into the sunlight occasionally so you can get a little color and to prove you’re not a vampire.