Aries: You’re usually the first to take action, but you’ve been dragging your feet lately. This journey of a thousand steps will likely start with a friendly shove and a faceplant on the right path.

Taurus: Keeping quiet is what you do best, but all those secrets have started fighting, gladiator-style, in your head. If anyone else wants to confide in you, tell them it better be good, because the losing tidbit gets blabbed.

Gemini: You know all the tricks of the trade, but do you have a clue without doing sleight of hand? Doing something the long, honest way sounds boring, but it will pay off in the very near future, especially if there’s a boss around.

Cancer: You’ve discovered hidden treasure, but there’s no need to defend it with your pirate blade. One man’s booty is another man’s Salvation Army donation, so fork over the cash and set sail for home with your reward.

Leo: It’s lovely walking around in beauty and mystery all the time, except when it gets tangled on your pants leg or trapped on your shoe like toilet paper. A little less mystery would do you some good, and make it easier to walk around town.

Virgo: It seems like life drags you from place to place, but you’re in the driver’s seat most of the time. Pull over for a bit and find a map instead of playing Mario Kart on Main Street.

Libra: Some people believe there’s only one key to understanding the universe, but you haul around a key ring worthy of a high school janitor. If you narrow down those theories, you won’t be futzing at the lock with the key to a 1971 Pinto.

Scorpio: To everything there is a season, but your particular fruits are way past their picking date. Start sowing some new notions before your current ideas turn into some particularly pickled sour grapes.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you don’t find love, it finds you. This is fine, unless it has your photo taped to the dashboard and a creepy shrine built in the closet. In that case, pull out your taser and show love some real sparks.

Capricorn: You don’t always know what’s best, but you could definitely do worse. Be proud that your life rides the middle of the road, because you could so easily end up in the ditch.

Aquarius: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes it’s good when you can’t find your glasses. A blurry 10 is much better than a focused 3, especially if tequila is involved. Aim high and squint.

Pisces: You’re astounded when people want your opinion on a matter. Instead of painting yourself to blend in with the wallpaper, step up and stand out. You just might enjoy the spotlight.