Aries: You won’t find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you’ll likely find some lightly chewed gum or a new outlook on life. Either one won’t hurt you a bit.

Taurus: The best things in life may be free, but building a road to get there will cost you plenty.  Grab a machete and some coupons and start whacking your way to happiness.

Gemini: You’ll be tempted by a treasure trove of small, shiny things on Thursday. Stay on track, because there’s one big, glittery reward waiting at the end of the day. Clear your evening for some one-on-one time with your Precious.

Cancer: In the claw machine of life, you’re just grabbing air. Spend a few quarters and work on your technique; that Spongebob  plushie will be yours before you know it.

Leo: Something fresh and lovely will come into your life on Friday. Could be a new sweetheart, or you just may find that missing bottle of Febreeze in your car. No matter what you find, your life will smell better.

Virgo: Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make things better, it just gives you a hot, grainy view of life. Pull your head out so you can hear the beep-beep-beep of the garbage truck about to back over your butt. Getting out of the way is also another option.

Libra: Don’t worry if you haven’t found your soulmate; some people have weirdly shaped souls that are hard to fit. Instead of going through life alone, find a close match and stuff the gaps with tissue paper. A happy life is worth a few blisters.

Scorpio: You don’t have to hit the bulls-eye every time, but your ideas should at least hit the same wall on occasion. If your ideas aren’t pointy enough for darts, just consider them as spaghetti; whatever doesn’t stick will squish between your toes.

Sagittarius: You know what you want, but do you realize how to get it? Give up on the Rube Goldberg plan and just walk over to say hello. Sometimes it is that easy.

Capricorn: If wishes were horses you would need a far bigger shovel. Saddle up one of those notions and see how it rides. If nothing else, you’ll get some fresh air.

Aquarius: Don’t sweat that mistake you made on Monday. If everyone were perfect, there would be no plastic surgery, gum erasers or reality TV. You should only worry if those missteps turn into Honey Boo Boos.

Pisces: You’re not up the creek without a paddle, but you wouldn’t mind a couple of arm floaties right now. Work those muscles, because you have the strength to swim against this current. When it comes to fishies, you’re a salmon at heart.