Aries: Know what Bigfoot, a leprechaun and your good day have in common? They’re all really hard to find. Keep hunting, though, you might find some tracks Saturday.

Taurus: If you have an inner dancer, it’s because you fell and now she’s stuck between your butt cheeks. If someone asks you to cut a rug, tell them you like the carpet just the way it is: fully intact and matching the drapes.

Gemini: Was this what you had in mind when you wished for luck? Probably not, but while you have oodles of it to spare, go ahead and get that lottery ticket. You can’t have the pony, though. It’s not litterbox-trained.

Cancer: Finders keepers, losers weepers, but no one said anything about just borrowing it for a little while. Go ahead, take a joyride on that abandoned Big Wheel in front of your house. It will be the best ride you have all week.

Leo: You know what makes your sweetie tick. Just make sure it’s the Swiss watch of delight and not the time bomb of discontent. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, and you’re definitely in the blast zone.

Virgo: All problems aren’t Rubik’s Cubes wrapped in Sudoku. Sometimes you just need to follow the dots. This week it will be easy, since there are only two: a dot where you are now, and a dot where you need to go.

Libra: When presented with the road less traveled, you’ll be the one in the corner inventing the transporter. This week, the universe likes your style, so expect some help with your weird but interesting plans.

Scorpio: You love to party, but on Friday, you’re the one stuck with the reality check. It will take more than you have in the karma bank, so expect some dish-washing in your future.

Sagittarius: Realize there’s more to life than work, chores and doing what you’re supposed to do. Know why angels dance on the head of a pin? It’s a tiny disco ball. Find some fun this weekend and bring the angels along for the ride.

Capricorn: A situation at work has you flummoxed. Just remember, it’s easier to sneak the goat into the boss’ office than it is to sneak it out. Try dressing the goat in drag; it works in the movies.

Aquarius: Good luck gently settles on you like a spring butterfly, but bad luck hurls itself at you like a frozen snowball. Hope for the butterfly on Wednesday, but be prepared for the hailstorm.

Pisces: No one likes a smarty pants, but the rules are vague on wise tank tops. Go for something a little brainier with sleeves, though, until you hit the gym.