Today’s special Zombie Week feature is an interview with Lyle Perez-Tinics, editor of “The Undead That Saved Christmas,” a zombie holiday anthology, and creator of the Undead in the Head book review site.  With so many zombie books out there, what makes this one different? Proceeds from the book will go to the Hugs Foster Family Agency, where funds are needed to buy Christmas gifts for foster kids.  Sometimes zombies and warm fuzzies are just in the stars. And now, the WZ three-question interview:

1. Do zombies have lucky days?

Yes they do, but I don’t think they would grasp the concept. Since zombies are driven by instinct, I don’t think they would be superstitious. If a zombie gets shot in the head but the bullet doesn’t destroy its brain, I would consider that lucky.


2. What’s the biggest danger the undead face at Christmas time?

I would say the biggest danger undead face during Christmas is if there is a White Christmas. Everyone knows that zombies freeze during winter. Since they have no blood pumping through them they can’t stay warm.


3. What’s the perfect holiday gift for zombies under any zodiac sign?

The best holiday gift for a zombie would be my new book, “The Undead That Saved Christmas.” Net proceeds from my book will help provide Christmas present for foster kids at Hugs Foster Family Agency. “The Undead That Saved Christmas” is an anthology of short stories, poems and comics, all have tied it the magic of Christmas with the terror of zombies. There are also many rich illustrations from various artists. I myself wrote an original story that is part of this book. My target release date is Oct. 1, 2010. The book will be available through, and I will also be selling signed copies through my site, This truly is the perfect gift for any zombie this holiday season.

Also, for the little zombie kids, I am writing a children novelette entitled, “Laidenn, The Dark Elf.”  Since “The Undead That Saved Christmas” is targeted toward adults, I didn’t want to leave the little zombie kids without something to read this holiday season. This book will be available through the same channels as “The Undead That Saved Christmas” and will be released early November.

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