In this corner…..Taurus! In the other corner….Gemini! Let’s have a good, clean relationship, with no blocking, no eye-gouging, and no hitting below the belt.

While most horoscope-watchers think Bulls and Twins should only be mixed on sports teams, Taurus and Gemini have a lot to offer each other. A Gemini mate can change faster than Mr. Potato Head, while Taurus is the perfect couch potato. These spuds complement each other well, especially when there’s cheese or oil involved. While a Bull Spud may be hard to dig out of the ground, the spinning personality traits of Gemini can have a garden-weasel effect, tilling—and titillating—a Taurus until he or she responds. In return, a Taurus mate can root out the Twins’ need for affection, and provide a slow bake on some hot coals, maybe wrapped in tinfoil if it’s Kink Night.